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Thank you for joining us! New Native is an AI Investment and Research Company

Welcome to the New Native website

Welcome to the new NewNative website.

What we do

The continued and exponential growth and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is staggering. At New Native we can help your company or start-up move fast and capture full market potential. We do this by harnessing AI to improve your bottom-line, while early access still provides a distinct advantage, and entry cost is still not prohibitive.

Our ecosystem provides a gateway into the world of AI for companies and individuals who wish to harness the technology in their product or service offering. Our ability to provide early-access to technology and talent (over 3,000 AI specialists) represents a clear, and some might say game-changing, advantage for our clients in both corporations and start-ups.

Working with the leading AI labs, we ensure that their technology is applied ethically, based on our Code of Conduct.

Our mission is to encourage innovation in the AI space. We do this by providing start-ups with early access to the latest technology, and by helping established companies understand and implement AI solutions that can revolutionise their business.

Our community-based approach means that we can provide you with the ecosystem you need for innovation and development, regardless of where you are in your company or start-up journey.

Why we do it

We believe that AI can assist humankind in solving existential challenges, and will also offer one of the largest wealth-creation opportunities for early adopters this century.

Our goal is to facilitate human progress by building the most conducive environment for top talent, companies and investors that wish to innovate together.

How we do it

The key to our success lies in our access to pre-market AI lab technology, and being one of the top five global AI seed accelerators.

With several world records in AI, the New Native venture is building hundreds of millions of Euro in value and creating 100+ investment structures for advanced and alternative securities. We do this in a number of ways, such as through our:

  • AI Top Talent Pool (over 3,000 AI experts on tap)
  • Deep Learning Labs (hackathon events)
  • AI Slingshot Program (tech support for start-ups)
  • Native Launchpad offer, (AI + Blockchain start-up support)
  • Nextgrid AI Seed & Accelerator Program (investments)

Our Vision:

We will continue to work with top AI labs, talent and companies in order to become: The number one talent community for AI The fastest growing investment fund in AI companies The number one launchpad for AI projects The number one marketplace aggregator for AI tech, talent and quality transfers

Our Mission:

Several important elements lie at the center of our mission:

  1. Human Capital: attracting, directing and automating a continuous flow of leading AI programming talent
  2. Financial Capital: accessing, managing and growing with investment and business networks globally
  3. Creative Capital: consistently generating competitive advantages that compress time to market, reduce costs and increase profits with massive action steps
  4. Impact Capital: realising extraordinary value for and from the most sought after attractive founders, leaders, AI & Blockchain technology solutions, high-margin customer channels and strategic partners to accelerate results

Code of Conduct

At New Native we approach our work from a community standpoint, based on a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) structure.

As such we are the sum of our parts, working tirelessly in the pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable future for humankind and our planet.

We believe in the power of AI to solve humanity’s greatest challenges and understand the importance of responsible decision-making in its application.


With sustainable and responsible thinking at its core, New Native strives to focus on the adoption of AI for positive outcomes for both society and business.

Our mission is to support our clients, community and start-ups in the acceleration and implementation of AI solutions. We do this in a number of ways through our service offering and programs:


New Native has built one of the most successful AI talent communities on the planet. It is accessible to our client members (corporations & start-ups) for recruitment purposes, and to AI labs that wish to on-board our talent with their tech stack to speed up time to market.


Having run our much appreciated Deep Learning Labs (DLL) events with clients such as IBM and AWS, we understand how to deliver industry-leading experiences that can help you to redefine your potentials and access the AI tools, talent and resources you need to succeed including access to our partners’ OpenAI and Digital Ocean environments. Our track record and impressive list of previous clients, such as J.P.Morgan, Microsoft, Siemens, Samsung and Accenture, to name but a few, speak volumes for our capabilities and achievements. Use our DLL Events to get your organisation to understand and start implementing AI technologies.


The AI Slingshot program was designed to support disruptive AI ideas and the expertise behind them. We have designed a framework that will accelerate development and implementation of your ideas from a grass roots level.

We typically invite early-stage start-ups with AI-centered solutions that have a strong and proven concept, driven by committed and ambitious teams to join this program. In return, our start-ups gain access to state-of-the art infrastructure and talent, a community of AI scientists and engineers and opportunities to join partner initiatives with companies such as IBM. On top of this you will have access to mentors from leading organisations such as Google, DeepMind and OpenAI. Many successful start-ups progress from the AI Slingshot program to our Seed and Accelerate Program.


Our Native Launchpad is focused on increasing the speed of innovation in the combined fields of AI and Blockchain. Our target audience with this service are start-ups employing Blockchain technology for specific reasons – be it connected to their business approach or the tech stack upon which it is based. Launchpad includes:

  • Early-stage staking from capital pools by New Native
  • Connecting investors with tokenized AI projects
  • Direct investment by network
  • Blockchain agnostic approach for multi-chain support
  • Leveraging Blockchain via a DiFi-based Launchpad

Our Launchpad approach dramatically reduces transaction costs while creating a financial operating system that reports KPIs and AI model performance metrics and compliance protocols to reassure users of its integrity. It will also act as a support system allowing real-time decision-making around project funding based on performance, while opening up a full AI tool set to support them, providing the support and input required to move forward.


This program is designed specifically for AI start-ups that already have a minimum viable product.

Offering a limited number of places to ensure consistent quality and oversight, we offer you seed capital, resources, mentoring and the opportunity to present directly to VCs when you are ready to move to the next level.

We continue to organize cohorts for AI Native start-ups, invest in top companies and offer a talent-plus-tech-for-equity model. We invest in AI projects directly to build value. We only pick the top 2% of the teams that apply and leverage our talent and tech stack to create value in AI.

Our current focus is on solutions that use Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, or solve ecosystem problems.


Does your organisation need a workshop or master class to understand the importance of the global transition to AI solutions? We can provide deep dives into the current and coming AI solutions that will be applicable to your industry and specific needs.


Exchange Platform - Coming 2023 2022-2023 AI financial ecosystem with business modules