Sustainability and Corporate Social responsibility

At New Native, sustainability is at the core of our business. We recognize that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to be a true enabler of sustainability, and we are committed to harnessing the vast promise of technology for the benefit of society and the planet. At New Native we enable organizations to use technology more sustainably while also using technology as a vehicle to drive sustainability across the social environment. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and driving positive change in the following areas:

  1. Ethical AI Development: We prioritize responsible and ethical AI development. We place a strong emphasis on safeguarding intellectual property, ensuring data privacy, and promoting transparency in AI solutions. By adhering to ethical practices, we aim to build trust and contribute to the long-term sustainability and positive impact of AI in society.
  2. Community Engagement in emerging market: New Native runs one of the largest AI makers communities on, actively engaging with AI enthusiasts and developers. We are born on emerging market and we believe of the empowerment of community through teaching technology. We organize events, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions to foster a vibrant community. By nurturing this community, we aim to accelerate the adoption of AI technology and create value aggregation that benefits society as a whole.
  3. Environmental Responsibility: We recognize the importance of environmental sustainability and strive to minimize our ecological footprint. We implement environmentally friendly practices throughout our operations, including promoting remote work opportunities, reducing paper usage, and adopting energy-efficient technologies. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is a crucial step towards creating a greener and more sustainable future.
  4. Social Impact: New Native is dedicated to leveraging AI technology for positive social impact. We actively seek partnerships and projects that address societal challenges, such as healthcare, education, and sustainability. By harnessing the potential of AI, we aim to create solutions that make a meaningful difference in people's lives and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.
  5. Diversity and inclusion:New Native is a naturally diverse and multinational business. We believe that diversity goes beyond just a mix of backgrounds and places. We actively promote a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere across all our offices. Our shared culture of respect, openness, and thoughtfulness, underpinned by our collective enthusiasm for AI, technology, and innovation, drives our success. Our teams already include more than 15 nationalities and 20 different languages, with an equal gender ratio.
  6. Empowering AI Innovation: We are committed to accelerating innovation and driving human progress in the AI industry. Through our incubators and accelerators, we provide aspiring entrepreneurs and startups with a platform to develop and harness AI technologies that can reshape industries and improve lives. By empowering AI innovation, we contribute to technological advancements that align with sustainable development goals.

At New Native, our CSR efforts are rooted in our mission to build a sustainable future through the responsible and impactful use of AI. We believe in the power of technology to drive positive change and remain dedicated to creating a more sustainable and inclusive world.