New Native is an AI Investment and research company.

New Native identifies game changing AI technologies at early stages. We enable access to financial capital and technical (AI) capital throughout SPV & JV initiatives.

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"In the next few years there will be only two types of businesses: those that implemented AI and those that don’t exist anymore"

Said by Mathias during Demystifying AI with IBM fireside chat

- Mathias Åsberg at Founder, Newnative
- Mathias Åsberg
Founder, Newnative

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"Walk fast, Don't talk to strangers, Invest in AI"

To stay focused on our mission, we live by this motto

- Pawel Czech at Founder, Newnative
- Pawel Czech
Founder, Newnative
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New Native Goals 2022

Creating a global scalable ecosystem that fosters AI innovation

With several world records in AI, the New Native venture is building hundreds of millions of Euro in value and creating 100+ investment structures for advanced and alternative securities, we have mighty plans:

10KAI specialists building the best talent community for AI

45Seed Investments becoming fastest growing investment fund in AI

10 Launchpad project delivering the number one launchpad for AI projects