The Team Building the Future

Our team consists of top expertise in both Artificial Intelligence and Investment management with a proven track record. This is our comfort zone

  • Pawel Czech

    Pawel Czech


  • Mathias Åsberg

    Mathias Åsberg


  • Nicolas Huras

    Nicolas Huras


  • Martin Berchtold

    Martin Berchtold

    Angel Investor and Investment Manager

  • Filip Gil

    Filip Gil

    Angel Investor and Investment Manager

    • Alice Trzebiatowska

      Alice Trzebiatowska

      Financial Specialist

    • László Gaál

      László Gaál


    • Jakub Zakrzewsski

      Jakub Zakrzewsski

      Project Manager

    • Liza Holovko

      Liza Holovko

      Executive Assistant

      • Jakub Misiło

        Jakub Misiło

        Data Science Intern

      • Adrian Banachowicz

        Adrian Banachowicz

        Data Science Intern

      • Andrea Marazzi

        Andrea Marazzi

        Senior Business Development Specialist

      • Olesia Zinchenko

        Olesia Zinchenko

        Social Media Specialist

        • Yattish Ramhorry

          Yattish Ramhorry

          Full Stack Developer

        • Aleksander Jankowski

          Aleksander Jankowski

          Operations and Partner Manager

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