NN Culture Doc

Version 1.0, Wed 19 Apr


At New Native, we are a pioneering organization operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence and investment, with the ultimate goal of accelerating innovation and driving human progress forward. We focus on building and nurturing initiatives that stimulate, support, and fund innovation, from inception to astronomical success while we also recognize the importance of accelerating innovation in the larger context of global challenges.

Our mission, vision, and values define New Native's culture, shaping how we work, make decisions, treat one another, and operate on a daily basis. We hire, recognize, reward, and dismiss based on these cultural values. It is essential to understand that our culture may not be a suitable fit for everyone. However, if you find resonance with what you have read here.


Accelerating innovation in the larger context of global challenges


All companies will become AI native, effectively creating an AI economy. It's a tectonic shift created by the 10x makers that will influence everything we do.


    At New Native, our values are deeply ingrained in our pursuit of excellence and our commitment to making a significant impact on the world. We believe in operating at our best every day and creating a culture of outstanding performance. At New Native, our values are the guiding principles that shape our actions and decisions as we strive to revolutionize the world through innovation and artificial intelligence technology.

  1. Embracing Excellence
    We relentlessly pursue outstanding performance and strive to make a significant impact on the world. Our commitment to high achievement drives us to operate at our best every day.
  2. Championing Innovation
    We are a category-defining organization that is constantly challanging the status quo. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that drive human progress forward.
  3. Focus
    Our unwavering dedication to our mission keeps us centered on what truly matters. We prioritize actions that serve the best interests of humanity while ensuring ethical behavior and fair treatment of others.
  4. Collaboration
    We foster a supportive environment where teamwork, open communication, and mutual respect are the foundations of our success. We believe that unity strengthens our ability to create impactful, transformative solutions.
  5. Purpose-driven
    Our primary goal is to bring life-changing products to market that address the needs of humanity. We refrain from engaging in social activism or causes unrelated to our core mission, focusing instead on delivering reliable, innovative solutions for the betterment of all.


We belive the presentation of our values will not only reinforce the significance of our culture among our current team members but also attract new talent who share our beliefs. New Native is a purpose-driven organization, and maintaining a clear understanding of our culture enables our team to make the most impactful decisions for our long-term success. If you are passionate about contributing to a better future, we invite you to explore opportunities on our careers page.

United by a robust, cohesive culture, we have the potential to transform the world.