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Backend Engineer


Warsaw, Gdansk, Hybrid work

New Native is at the forefront of AI technology, pioneering new paths and challenging the status quo at the intersection of PE & AI. We are in search of extraordinary talent ready to leap into the future with us, working at the cutting edge of AI. Degrees don’t define you here; your insights, courage, and exceptional skills do. Our doors are open if you’re ready to sprint into a world of rapid iteration, groundbreaking technologies, and global collaboration.

What we're looking for:

  • Minimum of 4 years backend development experience, with a focus on building strong and scalable services using NodeJS and NestJS.
  • Working knowledge of Google Cloud and observability tools is required.
  • Skilled in managing and integrating APIs (REST, HTTP, JSON, etc.).
  • Hands-on experience with SSO, SAML, and OIDC protocols, understanding the importance of security.
  • Familiar with CI/CD concepts, ready to use Github Actions and Google Cloud for deploying updates.
  • Experience with large language models (e.g. OpenAI, Anthropic) and deploying them to production is a plus.
  • Solid computer science fundamentals support your understanding of architecture and design patterns.
  • Comfortable in a startup environment, able to make informed decisions with incomplete information.
  • Experience building systems focused on performance and scalability, understanding the needs of a growing user base.
  • Excellent communication skills, able to explain technical issues clearly to non-technical individuals.
  • Values test-driven development (TDD) for maintaining high code quality.
  • Familiar with “technical debt” and appreciates the importance of making tough decisions for long-term benefits.
  • Proactive in identifying inefficiencies, suggesting changes, and willing to challenge existing norms.
  • Committed to continuous learning, keeping up with the latest technologies and practices in backend development.
  • User-centric mindset, understanding that backend work directly influences user experience.
  • Enjoys refactoring legacy code to optimize performance and maintainability.
  • Open to handling front-end tasks, aiming to build a T-shaped team to avoid backend/frontend silos.
  • Ready to mentor aspiring full-stack developers; no room for ego-driven or overly shy individuals.

AI Augmentation Enthusiasm:

  • Capability (with proven record in form of PoCs) or interest in building autonomous agents leveraging AI to automate segments of our workflow is highly desirable.
  • Even if not experienced, openness to dedicating time to develop or utilize AI tools to ensure we evolve as an AI-augmented team is crucial.


  • Lead the design and implementation of APIs for new platforms, ensuring a robust and scalable architecture.
  • Review and migrate our existing legacy REST API to meet current and future requirements.
  • Dive into our codebase to improve our backend architecture for better performance, scalability, and integration.
  • Initiate the setup of our CI/CD pipeline, laying the foundation for efficient and effective software iterations.
  • Engage in daily problem-solving, troubleshooting issues to maintain our fast-paced workflow.
  • Help set technical standards, aiming for continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Open to mentoring others, assisting in crafting personal evolution plans to foster team growth and knowledge sharing.
  • Explore or lead efforts in AI tool development or integration to augment team capabilities, ensuring we stay at the forefront of AI-augmented development.
  • Your contributions will extend beyond coding; you’re here to contribute to efforts that could significantly impact the industry.


  • Bonus in employer stock option plan for early hires with multi million USD payout potential
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Casual dress code
  • Working in fast growing company
  • Access to work with the best tech & systems on the market.

About Us

At New Native, your work resonates with leaders in AI, technology, and business, and echoes through the hallways of the world’s most eminent organizations. Fast-paced, bold, and endlessly exciting, we are not just a workplace; we are the future. Will you join us?**