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Time Series Data Specialist


Warsaw, Hybrid work, Remote

New Native is at the forefront of AI technology, pioneering new paths and challenging the status quo at the intersection of PE & AI. We are in search of extraordinary talent ready to leap into the future with us, working at the cutting edge of AI. Degrees don’t define you here; your insights, courage, and exceptional skills do. Our doors are open if you’re ready to sprint into a world of rapid iteration, groundbreaking technologies, and global collaboration.

What Are We Looking For?

Orchestrating continuous data pipelines, structuring, and optimizing InfluxDB for high-performance time series data management.


  • Mastery of modern AI technologies and methodologies
  • Practical implementation of AI native systems in daily operations
  • Exceptional talent, innovators preferred, degrees optional
  • Deep insight & understanding of the Large Language Model (LLM) space
  • Thrive in an environment of rapid innovation and bleeding-edge technology
  • Ready to work internationally up to 25% of your time
  • Proven expertise with InfluxDB; Prometheus and Telegraf experience is a big plus
  • Skilled in continuous data integration from diverse sources
  • Mastery of querying, structuring data, and applying ML/AI workloads
  • Savvy with message brokers like Kafka/RabbitMQ
  • Ready to innovate with ML/AI workload pipelines


  • Manage continuous data pipelines for time series data.
  • Optimize InfluxDB for high-performance storage and retrieval.
  • Collaborate with data engineers and AI researchers.
  • Design data organization strategies for efficient management.
  • Ensure data quality and integrity in storage.
  • Monitor and optimize InfluxDB performance.
  • Implement data retention and archiving policies.
  • Provide technical support to internal teams.
  • Collaborate with IT and DevOps teams for integration.
  • Implement data security measures and compliance.
  • Document data management processes and best practices.


  • Bonus in employer stock option plan for early hires with multi million USD payout potential
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Casual dress code
  • Working in fast growing company
  • Access to work with the best tech & systems on the market.

At New Native, your work resonates with leaders in AI, technology, and business, and echoes through the hallways of the world's most eminent organizations. Fast-paced, bold, and endlessly exciting, we are not just a workplace; we are the future. Will you join us?