A Milestone Achievement: New Native Clinches the Best New Tech Startup in AI at The Europas

Pawel Czech

Lisbon, November 15, 2023 - In a remarkable achievement, New Native has been crowned as the Best New Tech Startup in Artificial Intelligence at The Europas. This award is a significant milestone, showcasing our innovative edge in the realm of AI and the collective efforts of our dedicated team.

Pathway to Innovation

With a founding mission to lead a revolution in AI technology, New Native stands as a pioneer in the fusion of state-of-the-art AI technologies. Our versatile platform serves a spectrum of users and businesses, delivering scalable AI solutions across diverse sectors, including corporate, technological, financial, and governmental domains.


The Europas: Celebrating Tech Pioneers

Initiated in 2009 by Mike Butcher of Tech Crunch, The Europas have been pivotal in recognizing breakthrough startups for over a decade. This honor places New Native in the ranks of some of the most influential innovators in the tech industry.

lablab: A Beacon for AI Development

Our prominent project, lablab, emerges as a premier community for AI developers, offering an experimental sandbox for the swift development and deployment of AI technologies. This community, with its 75,000-strong developer base, stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering AI innovation.

Celebrating The Europas' Esteemed Alumni

Joining the ranks of The Europas alumni is both humbling and inspiring. Here’s a glimpse of some illustrious past winners and their post-award journeys:

  • Builder.ai: Honored as 2022’s Scale-Up of the Year, Builder.ai has witnessed phenomenal growth, including a $195 million Series C funding round and strategic alliances.
  • Spotify: Post-award, Spotify expanded its reach to over 80 new markets, touching more than a billion people globally, and evolved into Europe’s most valuable startup.
  • Bolt: Acclaimed as Europe’s Hottest Unicorn, Bolt has cemented its status as a key player in the European tech landscape.
  • Zalando: Continues its strong presence in the European e-commerce sector.

Forward March: The Next Chapter of Growth

Embarking on the next stage of our journey, New Native is geared towards enhancing our affiliated brands, including lablab, GAIA, and Slingshot. We are dedicated to crafting cohesive narratives that integrate seamlessly into our comprehensive development cycle.

The Road Ahead

This accolade from The Europas propels us further in our mission to break new ground in AI. Committed to ongoing innovation, New Native aspires to remain at the forefront of AI technological advancement.

Discover more about our vision and future projects at New Native.