$30M partnership to accelerate AI-native startups

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GAIA: World’s First Generative AI Accelerator Program Launches in MENA Region

Introducing GAIA: A Groundbreaking AI Accelerator

[Palo Alto, USA, May 9th] - New Native Inc, is proud to announce the launch of GAIA, the world’s first generative artificial intelligence early-stage accelerator program in the MENA region. This groundbreaking initiative aims to attract top talent from around the world and provide them with access to capital, resources, and mentorship, transforming innovative ideas into successful AI-driven businesses.

Partnership with NTDP and SDAIA

GAIA has been released in partnership with the National Technology Development Program (NTDP) and the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) to accelerate AI innovation in KSA. With a commitment of over $30 million, GAIA seeks to stimulate 90,000 AI builders through educational hackathons and create 300 new AI companies and 300 AI entrepreneurs within 36 months through early-stage funding, mentorship, and AI technology access.

lablab.me Hackathon Platform and GAIA Accelerator Program

The lablab.me hackathon platform is a key component of GAIA’s ecosystem, fostering continuous innovation by bringing together talent, experts, and resources to generate proof-of-concept projects in generative AI. Furthermore, GAIA’s 12-week accelerator program offers daily coaching sessions, activities, and access to state-of-the-art AI technologies and world-class AI and business mentoring.

Three-Phase Program Structure

GAIA’s program is structured into three phases: pre-program, program, and post-program. This comprehensive approach helps participants develop reliable minimum viable products, secure partnerships with tech providers, present their products on demo day, and lock in investments. As a result, graduates become part of the New Native network and family, continuing their journey with the accelerator’s full support.

New Native Inc.'s Vision

New Native Inc, the driving force behind GAIA, aims to accelerate the adoption of AI technology in emerging markets by creating AI Native value aggregation. By enabling capital, talent, and technology, New Native Inc, builds equity value for all stakeholders and fosters the growth of the global AI industry.

Collaboration with AI Providers and Labs

GAIA works with leading AI providers and is in talks with top AI labs to officially support the initiative. Their mentors and advisors are experts in the AI and investment fields, providing invaluable guidance and advice to help startups reach their full potential.

A Promising Pipeline of Startups

By the end of the program, GAIA expects to have created a pipeline of 120 startups ready for seed-stage investment over the next 36 months. This effort, combined with the expertise and experience of the New Native Inc, team, positions GAIA as a significant player in accelerating AI innovation and adoption in the MENA region and beyond.

Contact Information

For more information on GAIA, please visit https://lablab.me/ or contact anas@newnative.ai for media inquiries. About New Native Inc,:

About New Native Inc,

New Native Inc, is an AI-native company focused on enabling capital, talent, and technology to build the AI industry. With a mission to accelerate the adoption of AI technology and create AI-native value aggregation, Nextgrid aims to build equity value for all stakeholders while transforming the global economy through the power of AI.


The Saudi Data & AI Authority (SDAIA) is the competent authority in the Kingdom concerned with data and AI including big data. SDAIA is also the national reference in all matters related to the organization, development, and handling of data and AI; in addition, it has the original competence in all matters related to the operation, research, and innovation in the field of data and AI.

About NTDP

NTDP is a national program that contributes to developing the technology ecosystem in the Kingdom and increasing its effectiveness by driving sustainable growth using different interventions and support mechanisms complementing efforts made by other stakeholders.