Collaberative AI platform is going live

Mathias Åsberg

Innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) has never been more important, as the technology is becoming more ubiquitous in society. To facilitate collaboration and innovation in AI, New Native has developed a platform that has been tested in soft-launch with a community of 3000 AI experts and enthusiasts over the past month.


Platform functionalities

We built because there was no solution on the market that would allow us to facilitate the experience from start to finish.

  • Real time communication channels over video / voice
  • Team matchmaking.
  • Showcase of results.
  • Real time dashboard displaying all relevant information for teams at one place.
  • Facilitates Hackathons, Talks / presentations and tutorials.

Unlocking state of the art AI technology

Our close collaboration with leading AI labs and tech providers provides us with constant access and unlocks technologies in artificial intelligence that are not accessible to the wider public. Our aim is to soon become a starting point for AI labs when rolling out new technologies. AI Labs through are able to get a group of very talented people to innovate on their technology while allowing the labs to follow the progress in realtime, interact with participants / teams to see how they are utilizing the technology and get a whole array of innovative solutions created.

Supporting local AI communites

We decided to support local AI communities by allowing them to use our platform for their own hackathon events. During our soft launch we have been able to run hackathons together with organizations like Swiss AI and University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg. Our aim is to broaden our support to other local AI communities and to support more hackathons over the coming months.

+20 000 community members before the end of year.

Our aim is to grow our community to well beyond 10 000 before the end of the year. The platform allows for real-time collaboration, which is essential for the development of AI.

Get involved and become a part of the AI community

The platform is free to use and we encourage everyone to sign up and take part in the community.

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