New Native launches new investor portal

Mathias Åsberg
Pawel Czech

New Native AB is pleased to announce the launch of its new investor portal.
The portal named the “Syndicate” will at full rollout gives early access to investment, staking in SPV & JV opportunities. The portal will also give an in-depth look at their portfolios and provide aggregate portfolio and fund performance information.

Martin Berchtold, Investment Manager for New Native AB, states: We aim to dramatically improve the investor experience


In addition to accessing opportunities & reports we do aim to add comprehensive information regarding investments with us, use tools like an interactive map highlighting the properties within their funds, and track capital installments.”

Berchtold adds: The Syndicate is a powerful new tool that provides transparency and positions us to deliver an extraordinary experince to our investors & community.


In the coming months, we will slowly roll out access, and you can get on the waitlist at