reaches 10k community size

Mathias Åsberg
Pawel Czech

The AI-native community has now reached 10,000 members in October, from being at just 4,000 members in September.

This is an incredible feat and we are so proud of our team, community & partners for its growth. is fostering a fast-growing community of AI professionals and early adopters originating from other types of domain expertise. We are thankful to our partners OpenAI, Co:here and Digital ocean for their support in helping us grow the community.

The community has been growing rapidly since its inception and we are proud to have reached this milestone.

We offer a platform for AI professionals and enthusiasts to connect and collaborate on projects, as well as access to resources and training. We believe that by working together we can advance the field of artificial intelligence and make it more accessible to everyone.

Thank you to our members for your support, and we look forward to continuing to grow the community and making state-of-the-art AI more accessible to everyone.

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