State of the art AI: founders as the RiseUp Lineup!

Mathias Åsberg
Pawel Czech

During this year’s RiseUp Summit taking place in Saudi Arabia, our founders, Paweł Czech and Mathias Asberg, will give a keynote speech regarding the state of the art AI!

What is RiseUp and why should you follow it?

RiseUp is a platform that connects startups to the most relevant resources worldwide.

During a couple of days the world’s greatest minds will share their insight regarding three of the topics: Capital, tech and creative. So if you follow the panel, you will get a pill of what’s in today and how our future will be shaped. Yeah, for sure place to be and grow from.

So where and when will Paweł and Mathias give a talk?

Both of our founders will give a talk on a tech stage. Mathias’s talk about “how artificial intelligence is transforming the way we build & operate software will take place on 21st of November, at 3.30 PM, and Paweł’s talk “Generative AI and its impact on venture capital” will take place the same day, 21 st November, starting at 7 PM.

And can I join the AI industry?

Of course! If you want to become a part of the most booming industry and change your career, join’s community - the community of builders, creators and innovators and shape your future with AI. Enroll to our Hackathons and with assistance of our mentors create in 48 hours a functional prototype and start your own startup!

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